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Myriam Yolanda Parra O.Adopting in Colombia

Colombia is a pioneer country in the issue of adoptions. The promptness response, clear regulations, and control measures exerted by the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare, the institution responsible for childhood protection, makes Colombia the favourite country for adopting families. Colombia has been ranked as one of the first countries chosen by these families based on the comprehensive process combining responsibility, efficiency, follow-up, and organization.

Families from all over the world come to Colombia each year in order to fulfil their dream of forming a family and looking forward to providing these children with love, protection and better conditions of life.

Colombia is a new country experiencing growth and a new perception. Characteristics such as kindness, encouragement, and new attitudes are the evidences that the country has changed. Furthermore, our passion for peace and development, for the promotion of the best of the new country is the common goal of Colombians and we are on the way to attain this objective.

The new Colombia is a safe country that welcomes foreigners with kindness and solidarity. From their arrival to the country, these adopting families feel they have the necessary support for the completion of the process and the attainment of their objective. This process is full of expectations. Both parents and children integrate together along the process while the attorney initiates the proceeding.

My name is Myriam Yolanda Parra O., licensed attorney at law with experience in the area of adoptions in Colombia. My work is based on ethical principles and total professionalism. It has been my pleasure to cooperate in these processes for many years, supporting many foreign and Colombian families in legal issues. I guarantee legal accompaniment for the completion of all legal formalities required.



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